Do we know for sure if the helicopters in Kong: Skull Island were real or CGI or both?

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Seems to be a combination of real, dummy (partial) and CGI creations as would be expected

In a scene near the start of Kong: Skull Island, a band of adventurers buzzing around in military helicopters comes face-to-face with the monster that gives the film its title.

A spectacular vertigo-inducing battle ensues between Kong and the copters.

Much of that scene was done at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) Singapore. Visual effects supervisor Jeff Capogreco, 41, says the scene "introduces us to Kong and he isn't very happy. People are invading his home".

Real actors inside dummy aircraft whirl around digitally created Kong, with the fight taking place against jungle scenery and sky which might also be painted in by computer.

"Singapore did the helicopters being smashed and crushed. Kong is roaring and jumping," says Mr Capogreco, who has worked here since 2014.


For crashes on the ground it seems that used dummy helicoper partials.. as can be seen here (c.50s)

Helicopters are expensive, much more expensive than having a VFX team put one together (especially as these are common items in movies and would be prety much "off the shelf") and using multiple CGI duplicates.

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