For example, I was watching Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. The opening credits listed a bunch of actors, ending with "And Sean Connery as Professor Harry Jones". I remember watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and they would always do this for "Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan" or "Jean de Lancie as Q".

(Please note: This question is in reference to credits displayed in the opening sequence of an episode or film. This is not in reference to credits as they are displayed on IMDB).


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According to the New England Film website article titled "OPENING CREDITS: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN AND WHY":


A step up from the “with” acting credit, the final title card for the cast is reserved for the actor who has a meaty part in the movie, but not a leading role. It’s like, wow, isn’t it amazing that Big Actor blessed this movie with his presence, and I bet he’s gonna be great!

It’s where the elder statesman is listed, the uber-star. Many times the character’s name is listed here as well, such as “And Sam Elliott as The Stranger” from The Big Lebowski.

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