I am a visual effects student and I am curious to know who must be deciding the choice of VFX studio in a movie. Because each studio (when talking about big movies) has its own specialty. For example Weta Digital has developed it's own tissue system. Some studios specialise in dynamics.

I think it must be decided on the basis of the demand of the story. But who actually decides? Director? Producer? Someone else?

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Ultimately everything gets decided by the director. Assuming that the director is wise enough to make those decisions as per the budget. Now thats his job!! to make the best and feasible decisions for making the vision most beautiful and creative as possible. If he lacks knowledge on VFX technologies he can appoint a VFX creative director.

The VFX creative director is a position common in films, television programs, and computer games using a large amount of visual effects.

For movies which are fully or partly computer generated, a VFX creative director works closely with the director. On smaller VFX-intensive productions such as music videos or some television commercials, a VFX creative director may also assume the responsibilities of the director. They are charged with making creative and aesthetic choices for visual effects. Although the role is generally more creative in nature, most VFX creative directors have a technical background and may exert a strong practical hand in production.


The responsibilities of a VFX creative director are very much like those of an art director, production designer, or chief creative officer, though with a particular focus on the computer-generated imagery of their projects. They are primarily responsible for directing and supervising the creative and technical execution of visual effects sequences, from concept to completion, including:

Set extensions and matte painting
Digital animation
Digital effects

The VFX creative director may delegate responsibilities to visual effects supervisors, visual effects editors, film compositors, rotoscope artists, matte painters, and 3D animators.

VFX creative directors may therefore have input on various aspects of production, including:

Story development and storyboarding
Blocking, staging, locations
Advising the director on actor movement
Costume, makeup, and props, particularly when there are special effects considerations

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The director is the one to decide. He have a vision of a movie and how he "see" the picture. Based on demo reels he decide which studio use. He can decide that some parts of the movie make one studio and other (like explosions) is done by another.

Of course, the producers (or whoever is giving money and have and impact on movie making) can make or force his own. Then what happen is the common struggle between director and money. Sometimes directors will walk away from making a movie when they don't see how their vision could be created with the resources he is provided.

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