I saw the movie, Youth (2015) and there appears to be no scene or context related to this title.

It is a story about a retired music composer, Fred and Mick Boyle the movie director.

So why was the movie titled “Youth?”


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According to the film's director, it was titled 'Youth' because the freedom to choose your own path is akin to youthfulness, even among those who are older.

When asked about the film’s title, Sorrentino explained: “The film’s idea is how we think about future, how the future always offers a possibility of liberty, and liberty is a state inherent to youth”. To live thinking that the next day contains freedom doesn’t mean living under the banners of “YOLO” and “FOMO”, but “to live knowing that in theory you could do anything — without necessarily doing it”.

On Paolo Sorrentino’s latest film,“Youth”, and its place among earlier works

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