It seems to me like he could have said something along the line of :

"He went crazy, he cut that guys ear and laughed. He was going to kill us both, he said I was next so I shot him when he was too busy pointing his gun at the cop"

Why did he felt like he had to create a bigger story and add the "make off with the diamonds" bit ?

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    He could have easily said "He was going to light the cop on fire, burn down the warehouse, and give away our location. He wouldn't stop and I couldn't crawl over to him, so I had to shoot him." MUCH more plausible story! But then the great finale wouldn't have happened. – BrettFromLA Jun 8 '17 at 23:23

His betrayal story would sound more plausible. Why would blonde decide to shoot another member of the team ? They'd understand shooting the cop, but why shoot orange ? Orange was hoping the betrayal line would hit home with the others .. i guess he didn't know the loyalty that existed between Blonde, Joe and Eddie

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