In Entrapment (1999), Virginia aim is to steal Rembrandt portrait in office, So she planned the stealing thing at night time, while entering into the building she install this thing (Image below) at four corners of window frame.

enter image description here

After she pressed something, window slowly slides outside like this:

enter image description here

Why I got doubt: In most heist movies, thief used to cut the glass in circle shape & then enters into it, but this movie showed different.


It appears to be some type of window installation apparatus, although honestly it would never work. Windows of this type are installed from inside the building, so there would be a metal frame prohibiting the glass from being slid out from the outside. Which means the glass would need to be cut, but glass in a building is 6mm (~1/4") with double cladding, which means it is doubled up with 10mm's of insulating argon gas in between the two pieces of glass. Cutting double glass from the exterior in this manner would result in one piece staying attached to the apparatus while the other piece would freely fall with nothing holding it.

In short, the object is likely not to exist, and was "invented" specifically for the movie.

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