In Charmed and in an episode (though I can't remember which one), (my sister and mum made me watch it), there was this one scene where a demon was walking down a street and causing chaos in the process.

While he was walking down the road, a police car came speeding around the corner and up toward him but not at him, the demon threw an energy ball at the car's bonnet and the car erupted into a massive ball of flames.

Now here is the disturbing part:

The policeman driving gets out of the burned out car unscathed and runs away as if nothing happened.


  • Was the whole car in flames or just the hood? – Steve-O May 15 '17 at 1:31
  • The whole car was in flames after the fireball. – natural May 15 '17 at 1:33
  • Are you asking how the effect was done or why he wasn't incinerated for plot purposes? It is quite common for tv producers not to want to show people dying in fireballs in these types of show. See the A-Team. – Paulie_D May 15 '17 at 10:34
  • @Paulie_D But would you explain how someone would manage to survive something like that? I need an answer, not something in comments guys. – natural May 15 '17 at 23:13
  • 1
    It's a TV show...with demons....it's not reality. Again are you asking about the stunt work or how this could happen magically? The first is a proper question, the second it just something that happens in TV...all the time. – Paulie_D May 16 '17 at 6:15

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