At Bourne's first arrival to Paris, he invites Marie to his apartment, Marie turns him down at first but later agrees after Bourne insists.

I don't understand why he would do this.

Since the fight (with police in embassy) at Switzerland suggests clearly enough that (to some degree) he's a threat to the public (though he doesn't know why). If he cares about the girl (the only person he knows), he shouldn't bring her into trouble.

Actually, Bourne remains vigilant: When Marie is about to pull her car near the apartment, he suggests she park across the street. He certainly doesn't expect good things to happen.

He speaks French/German and doesn't need a local (BTW Marie is not).

So, why does Bourne invite Marie to his apartment?


The way I see it, there are two reasons:

  1. Because, as you said, she's the only person he knows. The only person he can trust. So, he wants to keep her close so that he's not all alone.

  2. More importantly, he knows (or at least has good reason to suspect) that she's already been drawn into the web of his adventure. He originally met her by her car, which was parked in the alley outside the embassy in Zurich. There were security cameras all over that place, and Bourne had just finished making a rather large scene to escape the building. It's well established that Bourne has an eye for noticing things like security cameras, escape routes, potential threats, etc. He does it almost subconsciously. It's also sort of a thing in the Bourne movies how he's always one step ahead of the people who are tracking him.

And, as we the viewers know, he's not wrong about that. Conklin made Marie and her car on the security footage. That means she's in danger whether she stays with Bourne or not, but at least if she stays with him, he can protect her. So, he insisted.

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  • As far as I can remember, agents work alone – Rahn May 14 '17 at 16:00
  • @Wentao I'm sure that's true under normal circumstances, but Bourne's situation, particularly in the first movie, is pretty far from normal. He doesn't even know who's side he's supposed to be on. – Steve-O May 14 '17 at 22:52
  • @Wentao: Agents are only interested in completing the mission at all costs. Bourne, in this context, is also interested in keeping Marie alive. It's also somewhat of a recurring theme that Jason Bourne is not (no longer) an agent, although he still uses the skills of an agent when he needs to. – Flater May 15 '17 at 12:17

He had no intention of inviting her up and was saying his goodbyes until she offered him a ride "anytime ". He thought about it for a second and figured why not. After all a few scenes later we see he never forgot how to be a man.

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