There was a movie on with the following extracts of the plot.

  • There is a blonde person (husband) with his wife
  • Wife is in a romantic relationship with some person who has access to latest spy technology
  • One day when the husband is about to leave the home, wife applies hair gel on husbands hair, which has nanobots what can be used to track the husband
  • Once the husband is out, wife lover uses those nanobots to track down the husband and to kill him
  • At the murder attempt, husbands car is knocked over by a large forthcoming truck, where the husbands car is thrown off of a ledge.
  • Even though husband's car took a deep dive off of that ledge, he survives the crash.
  • Then the husband understands that he is being tracked because of the nanobots his wife applied in his hair, he shaves off his entire hair with a piece of shattered glass of the accident.
  • Then the revenge plan begins.

This is an English movie. I do not have any idea of the title, year or any other information.

Does the above ring any bells? Thank you very much for any help.

  • Note that the answer you accepted is not an English movie. Perhaps you saw a dubbed version? – JBentley May 14 '17 at 19:14

Hodejegerne (2011)

From Wikipedia

Waking in a hospital, Roger learns the police think he is Ove, who arrest him for the farmer's murder when he tries to escape. Driving to the station, the officers pull over to block a truck reported stolen. Remembering that Clas developed a nanotechnology gel that is very difficult to remove, Roger realizes that he's being tracked through GPS gel rubbed in his hair by Diana, and Clas is driving the truck; despite Roger's protests, the officers ignore him, allowing Clas to ram the car off a cliff. Playing dead until Clas leaves the scene, Roger shaves his head and hides his hair on a body, then swaps clothes with a detective's disfigured body to fake his death.

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