In It's Complicated, Jane privately asks Harley about what he saw at the hotel:

Jane: What did you see and what do you know?

Harley: Nothing. Really.

Jane: Harley

Harley: Okay, he checked in, then you arrived. Then you met at the elevator, possible kiss there.Then the doctor went up and the doctor came down. Then there was a thumbs-up, but that's it.I have no idea what happened in between.

Jane: Have you told Lauren?

Harley: No, and I won't.

Harley is Lauren's fiance, Jane & Jake divorced so many years back. Lauren is Jake and Jane's daughter. Harley saw Jane & Jake meeting at hotel. this is what Jane asks him in this dialogue.

How did Jane know that Harley saw her & Jake at hotel?

  • I believe that Lauren was telling Jane that her and Harley were at the same hotel that day with their wedding planner and Jane found out that way, but I will have to check. Harley and Lauren aren't married, btw. They are in the midst of planning their wedding in the movie :) May 13, 2017 at 5:20
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    What i am asking is totally different I think .
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    May 13, 2017 at 6:09
  • You want to know how Jane knows, right? There is a conversation that Lauren has where she tells everyone in the room that her and Harley were at that same hotel at that same time with their wedding planner. Jane gets a shocked look on her face...unless you're asking something else. May 13, 2017 at 7:26

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It's just something she gets from the conversation and the way Harley acts.

The screenplay has more context...

LAUREN :-- Oh, Mom, I keep forgetting to tell you about our meeting at The
Stanhope. We went there for lunch two days ago and met with their Wedding Specialist....I think that could be the place, Mom.... **

JANE : Two days ago you went to The Stanhope...for lunch?

HARLEY : Yes and guess what? We saw nothing.

Jane and Harley connect. He immediately looks away.

Basically, what he says and the way he says it lead Jane to believe that he knows something even if he initially denies it. She's not sure how much or what exactly he saw or knows and so she asks him..

Okay...What did you see and what do you know?

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