I know about G, PG, A, R rated movies, but came across 'F' rated movies (e.g. on this list), does anybody know what it means?

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    Simple "F-Rated" search gives enough information on the matter. Please try to use google search next time before asking simple straightforward questions. Just to save communities effort.
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Wikipedia has this to say about "F-rating". It is to:

highlight films which either had a senior figure in production who was female – a director or a screenwriter – or had very strong female leads or women's issues

Or to put it more simply:

A rating to highlight women on screen and behind the camera.

I believe the "f" stands for "feminist".


The F-Rating is a classification for any film which

  1. has a woman directing the film

  2. has a woman writing the plot

  3. features significant women on screen in their own right

So basically female/feminist - rated films.

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