In Pulp Fiction, the bullet holes seem to already be in the wall before the dude who looks like Jerry Seinfeld shoots at Jules and Vincent, was this a mistake?

At 1:08 you can clearly see the bullet holes,

Then at 1:39 the same holes are still there.

So was this a mistake?

  • You can clearly see that the holes were there before Seinfeld tried to kill them, and then one additional hole appears between SLJ and Travolta. I'd say it was a production/continuity mistake, unless we're supposed to believe he pumped all 6 bullets into that single new hole. May 4 '17 at 19:20

Yes, this is a mistake.

Saw the video below as a suggestion after the one you linked for what to watch next. #7 on the list calls out the bullet holes as a production error. They seem to have done their research on the explanations for each point they raise, so had those holes been there "on purpose" I imagine they would have mentioned why. (Spoiler alert: they don't.)

Also, just FYI, that guy is not Jerry Seinfeld. His (her) name was Robert Arquette (credited on IMDB as Alexis Arquette, as she apparently had gender reassignment surgery at some point after this movie was filmed.)


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