I vaguely remember an animated film about the Titanic where a woman meets her true love on board. It was released around the start of the 2000's and was dubbed into English. I don't know what language it was originally but it was very clearly dubbed. I seem to recall it being not very good and when I ask my parents about it, they can't remember much either.

However, one thing I can see clearly is a rapping dog as the comedic side character along with a bunch of other animal sidekicks. Unfortunately I cannot recollect his name. So what I do know:

  • Dubbed into English from an unknown language
  • Set on the Titanic (so 1912)
  • About a woman meeting her true love
  • Lots of talking comedic animal sidekicks

I'm revisiting movies from my childhood and was wondering if anyone could help. Thanks!


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The movie is: Titanic: The Legend Goes On

which was released in September 2002. It was originally in Italian and was dubbed into English.

To quote Wikipedia:

A poor girl named Angelica, [...] At the same time, an upper-class English man named William [...] Also boarding in the cargo hold are a group of animals, including a family of Yiddish mice, some geese, a dog named Fritz, a magpie named Hector, and a band of Mexican mice.

It stars Lisa Russo as Angelica and Mark Thompson-Ashworth as William who encounter true love on the ship, also "starring" a rapping dog: Fritz, and a variety of talking animals.

Finally, its IMDb rating is a solid 2.2/10 and has been described as

a failed Disney imitation that excels in bad taste.

by critics.

I hope this is it and have fun watching it! (If you can)

Note: I found this with a Google search for "animated Titanic" and it was the first thing that came up


Titanic: The Legend Goes On originally Titanic: La leggenda continua in Italian.

From wikipedia page of the film:

Titanic: The Legend Goes On (Italian: Titanic, mille e una storia or Titanic: La leggenda continua) is a 2000 Italian animated feature film about the sinking of the RMS Titanic, written and directed by Camillo Teti.

This movie begins on a White Star Line chartered boat train, boarding passengers to the RMS Titanic. A poor girl named Angelica, treated as a servant by her wicked stepmother and two stepsisters, dreams of finding both love and her missing mother, with only a blue locket as a clue to the mother's identity.

There are many talking animal characters in the film. So it matches the description you gave.

Below is the poster of the movie.

enter image description here

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