Other then him being called he I don't see any way Stitch from Lilo and Stitch is a he. Is there proof? I am not asking where Stich's boy bits and girl bits are or if Stich has any (I think that's the appropriate why of mentioning them), I am asking for proof other than them calling Stitch he.

And not including Stich's girlfriend because the series is not canon in mysterious opinion, only the movies.


Stitch was created, in a lab, though genetic engineering. If his creator calls him "he", then there is no reason to question it.

Out-of-universe, Disney has always called Stitch as male in all marketing, Another authoritative source of information.


This question was on my mind as well. Stitch was always portrayed as male, but the confusion for me was watching the series. There were 1 or 2 episodes where Stitch is called SHE, and HER. Season 1, episode 29 'Dupe' is one such episode.

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