Other then him being called he I don't see any way Stitch from Lilo and Stitch is a he. Is there proof? I am not asking where Stich's boy bits and girl bits are or if Stich has any (I think that's the appropriate why of mentioning them), I am asking for proof other than them calling Stitch he.

And not including Stich's girlfriend because the series is not canon in mysterious opinion, only the movies.


Stitch was created, in a lab, though genetic engineering. If his creator calls him "he", then there is no reason to question it.

Out-of-universe, Disney has always called Stitch as male in all marketing, Another authoritative source of information.

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This question was on my mind as well. Stitch was always portrayed as male, but the confusion for me was watching the series. There were 1 or 2 episodes where Stitch is called SHE, and HER. Season 1, episode 29 'Dupe' is one such episode.

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