I was watching a show on Netflix this evening and a strange image flashed on the screen like a subliminal message ... I scrubbed back a few seconds and found the frame in question.

strange image

This does not look like any encoding error I have ever seen before ... is this some type of anti-piracy protection? If so what all information is encoded in it?

EDIT: Netflix The Iron Fist S01E08 around 29:33s in 25:55s left

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    Could you give us the name of the show, and your country, so we can see if it also occurs to us? Apr 12 '17 at 7:40
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    Please tell us your country too. I checked in Netflix France and I couldn't see this frame.Also my version of the show is in color and it seems yours is in black and white. Apr 14 '17 at 14:01
  • @SilverBebs country is US, and no my version is in color that frame is just kinda dark in comparison to the green stuff in the foreground Apr 14 '17 at 14:20
  • I also checked, nothing abnormal here from The Netherlands.
    – Denny
    Apr 14 '17 at 18:36
  • The macro blocks make me think that it's some sort of corruption of the stream that probably went away with the next keyframe. Apr 15 '17 at 2:57

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