Note: "X" is none of the main characters.

In Trainspotting-2, after Renton meets Spud, Spud tells him that "X is dead" and Renton answer that he did not expect him to be still alive.

I did not get the name, I guess it would be one of the secondary characters of Trainspotting 1 but I cannot tell who would it be.

Who is (was) X?

  • I think it was Mikey - the drug dealer character played by Irvine Welsh. The only other named character it could be is Swanney played by Peter Mullan but I don't remember this character from the first film.
    – Mr_Thyroid
    Apr 9 '17 at 20:05

The character you are looking for is Swanney played by Peter Mullan in the first movie. But this dialogue is not between Mark and Spud but between Mark and Simon (Sick Boy) at approximately 31 minutes during the scene where they are remembering their first heroin hit together.

"Swanney's dead now, of course." (Simon)

"Be astonished if he wasn't." (Mark)


I think he refers to Swanney aka "Mother superior". If I remember correctly he was their friend/dealer. As mentionned in a comment, the character was played by Peter Mullan.

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