In The Invention of Lying, Mark and Anna went to a hotel,

In this scene the bartender does not agree with Mark:

Mark: They look fine to me.

Bartender: Well, you're stupid.

See here the bartender should reply "Yes, to me also" because of Mark's Fantasy Power, but he replies with "Well, you're stupid." Why?


Mark is stating an opinion, not lying about a fact. So, the bartender disagrees with his opinion, and shares one of his own.

Mark's power is just to lie, and people there just take it at face value.

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    To add to this, if Mark had said 'They are fine', then the Bartender would have agreed. 'They look fine' is giving an opinion, 'They are fine' is stating a fact/lie.
    – SGR
    Mar 28 '17 at 12:22

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