In the TV series Orphan Black season 2 episode 3, a corporate agent is hunting for Sarah, who left a hidden location in a truck.

(I assume the agent was able to find the location because he was part of the trap. Ok, makes sense.)

She drives to a remote rural location down a dead-end road in the woods. How then does the police officer happen to come to exactly that house looking for her?

How does the corporate agent have any idea to come to that region to look for them?

After the corporate agent gets warned off,

how does he then end up also coming exactly to that dead end road and choosing there go get out on foot?

Was he planning to spend a week in a random town examining every house in the countryside?

Then in episode 4,

After Sarah is abducted by the corp agent, how did the boyfriend manage to take the girl to another hidden safe location, and then get ahead of Sarah and the agent's car and manage to ram them? How would he know where they were going, and have time to drop off the girl and then get ahead of them?

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