In Poseidon (2006), Robert Ramsey died while stopping the propellers.

But the propellers started in a reverse direction, which creates suction. (I don't know who reversed it.) Dylan stuck a cylinder into the propeller with which damages it.

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They finally get out of the ship. But Ramsey never was informed that he will reverse the propellers.

Why did they reverse the propellers' rotation?


Why did they reverse the propellers' rotation?

To get out since the power of the thrusters was blowing them back...

IMDB Synopsis

Nelson sees the door to the bow thrusters and opens it, only to get blown back by the hurricane-force winds the still-active propellor is generating. While Jen looks after him, Christian suggests throwing something in there to block the propellers and get them to stop, but Ramsey points out they'd need to either stop them manually or get them turning the other way.

As for who reversed it...it was Robert Ramsey

Ramsey dives in and swims off. The other three arrive and are told what Ramsey is doing as we see Ramsey get in the control room. He finds the engine stop button, but it's broken. He starts running out of air, and with his last breath manages to find the button to make the propellers turn the other way.

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