In Patriot's Day, the Boston investigators select some empty warehouse to investigate the marathon bombings.

Actually, the warehouse was totally empty and people started arranging all the electronic stuff suddenly.

enter image description here

I mean why don't they have a ready-made place for investigation purposes like the Pentagon does etc.?


Because it's an unforeseen event.

You don't maintain large expensive offices or facilities just in case...it's not fiscally responsible and that's a big deal for local law enforcement who have budgets to maintain and adhere to.

Equally, this was, as I recall, a multi-jurisdictional task force including Boston PD (and other local police), FBI, Homeland Security, ATF and no doubt others so the question of who would have the responsibility of maintaining the facility also arises.

On the other hand, finding an empty warehouse that can be activated and used by many forces and departments at the same, all of whom can get set up quickly, makes much more sense.

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