In Labyrinth, Jareth warns Hoggle if he was kissed by Sarah then he will turn him into a princess.

In the middle of the the movie Hoggle was kissed by Sarah.

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Jareth was watching all the activities in his magical ball.

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Then why didn't Hoggle turn into a princess after he is kissed by Sarah?

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No, he said he'd turn him into a prince - Prince of the Land of Stench. He was threatening Hoggle and, when Sarah kissed Hoggle, they were sent to the Land of Stench.


Jareth's comment was meant to be ironic and mean; not literal.

A common fairy tail trope is that if a creature is kissed by a princess, then he will turn into a prince. Jareth first says "I'll turn you into a prince" and then pauses, giving Hoggle hope that Jareth will do something nice. Then, he continues on to say "Prince of the Land of Stench"; showing that he didn't really mean an actual prince; but rather that it was a threat.

When Sarah kisses Hoggle, he follows through with his threat and sends them to the Bog of Eternal Stench.

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