In The Accidental Terrorist, Hank finds out he's been getting scammed by his regular car salesman, Tom Hammond. In response, he prints out a large number of flyers that say "Tom Hammond's World of Lies", planning to spread them around Hammond's lot. While at the print shop, he has this exchange with Alex, a random young man:

ALEX: (looking at a flyer) Ain't it the truth.

HANK: Yes it is. And I'm telling you right now, that Tom Hammond has got to be stopped.

ALEX: I know! I did a whole term paper on the damage people like Tom Hammond are doing to the world.

HANK: Well, there is no way I'm letting Tom Hammond make this world a place that I don't want my son to live in.

ALEX: (nodding) I wanna join your fight.

During the scene, there's a lot of emphasis on Tom Hammond's name. It's said three lines in a row, and in Hank's last line he draws it out.

Hankd and Alex meet the next morning at 5 AM at Hammond's dealership. Hank spreads flyers on his half of the lot, while unbeknownst to him, Alex is setting fire to the cars on the other half.

It seems unlikely that Alex wrote a term paper about a car salesman. The entire situation makes it feel like a joke around the name "Tom Hammond" leading to a case of mistaken identity. However, the only Tom Hammond I found was a play-by-play basketball commentator at the time the episode was made, and doesn't appear to fit as the target of the joke in any way.

Is there any evidence (in-universe, interviews, whatever) that this episode is poking fun at something or someone? Or am I reading too much into this, and Alex is just a kid who wants to burn something down?

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