I'm trying to remember the name of a movie where a father misses the birthday of his daughter, at some point, the man finds a alien object which sustains life around it, the man started to build a nuclear proof shelter at the same time he started to be followed by some agents, government agents as far as I can remember. Here's some extra details:

  • The movie is 4-6 years old
  • Its not an animation
  • Filmed in the United States, the main location is a farm
  • The main characters are a man and his daughter
  • There's a lot of social tension during the movie shown on the news
  • The man sees something fall from the sky, he found this object and is healed by the object

Looks like this object contains a kind of technology that regenerates all types of life form. At some point this object is placed on a farm box, flowers and plants started to grow around it

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I think the movie name is Terminus 2015 Australian science fiction drama.

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