In Phantom of the Opera

enter image description here

Christine Daae faints into Phantom's arms.(below)

enter image description here

Why would a statue provoke such a reaction?

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    Can anyone find a picture of the statue? Maybe it looks just like Christine. – Tim Mar 14 '17 at 0:13

I've only seen the movie once, because I prefer the musical, but the only fainting I remember is when Christine sees that the phantom has a doll looking at lot like Christine and wearing what looks like a wedding dress. My understanding is that seeing it gives Christine a look at what her future will look like if the phantom gets his way, and as that is shocking to her she faints.

  • If we go by the OP's screen caps, she is already wearing a wedding dress herself by that point (?) – O. R. Mapper Mar 15 '17 at 6:17
  • @O.R.Mapper Christine is not wearing a wedding dress at this point, just a dress. – The Raven Queen Mar 17 '17 at 14:52

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