In Hairspray, Link Larkin (played by Zac Efron) is a TV Star in the movie.

But in this scene, he is shown sitting in a classroom, why so?

enter image description here


Link Larkin is still a teenager and so is still required to receive an education.

So he attends school just like any other teenager which would have been the norm at the time that Hairspray is set.

The teenagers featured on the show attend Tracy and Penny's school, among them Amber von Tussle and her boyfriend Link Larkin, the lead male dancer


Note that since then many child actors will receive dedicated lessons in a special area set aside by the production company for such a purpose often from a tutor rather than attend regular school...although some do.

For instance...

The state of California mandates that studio teachers be on any set where children are working, to monitor child labor laws. They're responsible for ensuring that the students do 15 hours of schoolwork a week, the state requirement for 1st through 12th graders. They're also supposed to keep an eye out for safety practices.


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