I have just watched the first season of the OA and the length of the episodes feel weird :

episode 1 : 71 min
episode 2 : 58 min
episode 3 : 60 min
episode 4 : 64 min
episode 5 : 61 min
episode 6 : 31 min
episode 7 : 41 min
episode 8 : 50 min

Episode 6 is not even half of episode 1. It seems very unusual to make such variations in the episodes length, is there any explanation ? has a part of the episode been removed ?

The three last episodes could have been 2 one hour episodes (122 minutes), so why has it been cut like this ?

  • I remember seeing a good answer about Netflix being able to be flexible about show runtimes... trying to find it – DForck42 Feb 24 '17 at 22:07

This question has been asked here and here are a couple answers:

Stylisation, not being bound to commercialism (adverts in most TV shows) or >the brainwashed expectation we have for formulaic structure and conformity. By not being bound to these, they are able to tell the story like a novel through chapters of differing lengths.


Comment from the co-creator:

Batmanglij: We wanted to take what we love about a novel and the novelistic experience and put it on the long-format series experience — not having all the characters in the first hour, not having all the chapters be the same length. Could you imagine if the chapters of a book were all the same length? It would be funny. So we thought to ourselves about those constraints.

And here's a link to the co creator interview

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