As we all know Vision is made with the Mind-stone which was a part of Loki's staff.

Loki has controlled this staff for decades.

So does that mean Loki can also control Vision?

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    No, Loki used the staff for a couple of days. The staff's power came from the Mind Stone.
    – OrangeDog
    Feb 14 '17 at 9:54

The thing you're calling Loki's staff -- the object that housed the Mind Stone -- is not something Loki has had for decades. It was actually given to him by Thanos, as part of his plan to have the Chitauri invade Earth. He only had it for a short time, before losing it to SHIELD.

Even while Loki had the scepter, he wasn't controlling the Mind Stone directly; he was using a tool purpose-built to harness its power in specific ways (much like the Tesseract or the Aether). The raw power of the Stone would likely have overpowered even him.

So no, there's not really any reason to believe Loki can control Vision. (At least, not because of the scepter).

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