I've started watching Nikita (2010-TV). It seems Nikita is quite able to afford expensive spur of the moment things, to include travel and tech. What is her funding source? To this point in the series, she's just able to come up with the money. It doesn't state whether she has the money already or if she has a benefactor, or if she has some other means for obtaining what she needs to carry on her war with Division.

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I remember vaguely an episode where this point been explained (briefly). (After a bit of searching it was s01e16 “Echoes” but I can't find anything online about this point). So as far as remember, she got a lot of money/counterfeit money from a banker was involved in a shady businesses she was suppose to assassinate him (while she was working at division) but didn't. Also, (Spoilers) the focus of this subplot was that he owns the loft the she "operate" from and it was how a certain character tracked her.

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