In Only Lovers Left Alive, Adam has a wall of pictures of famous people.

They appear to be authors, composers, and scientists.

Who are they?

  • @Catija Jarmusch wrote and directed the film, and as seen from the page linked in the answer, many of the subjects of the photos are connected to Jarmusch in some other way as well. Since he selected the people to show on the "wall of heroes", isn't this question implicitly about him? Commented Feb 3, 2017 at 0:10
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    That is not how tagging works here. How could the question "implicitly be about him" if you never mention him in the question? Regardless, your question is about the film, not about the director. We tag things based on the question, what the answer reveals is irrelevant.
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  • @Catija Fair enough. To be honest I am somewhat confused as to how tagging is supposed to work on this SE. On SO, the idea seems to be that if a tag is relevant to a question, it's good to use the tag so that followers of that tag would see the question. If that were the case here, it seems you'd want people interested in Jarmusch to see this question. But the tags that exist seem so disparate (one for every movie??) that I don't really understand the value of tags here. Commented Feb 3, 2017 at 1:15

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A complete list of the people in the photos, together with screenshots of the wall, has been compiled here. The site also mentions some behind-the-scenes connections between the subjects of the photos and the other films of Jim Jarmusch (the film's director).

enter image description here

Their names (numbered according to the labels in the above photo) are:

  1. Joe Strummer
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach
  3. Claire Denis
  4. Mary Wollstonecraft
  5. Aki Kaurismäki
  6. Bo Diddley
  7. Franz Schubert
  8. Chrissie Hynde
  9. Franz Kafka
  10. Edgar Allen Poe
  11. Bruce Lee
  12. RZA
  13. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
  14. Gustav Mahler
  15. Henry Purcell
  16. Tom Waits
  17. Charles Baudelaire
  18. Luis Buñuel
  19. William S. Burroughs
  20. Sitting Bull
  21. Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning
  22. Robert Johnson
  23. Buster Keaton
  24. Nikola Tesla
  25. Rumi
  26. William Blake
  27. Arthur Rimbaud
  28. Hedy Lamarr
  29. Patti Smith
  30. Charley Patton
  31. Emily Dickinson
  32. Jean-Michel Basquiat
  33. Robby Müller
  34. John Coltrane
  35. Mark Twain
  36. Isaac Newton
  37. Marcel Duchamp
  38. Fritz Lang
  39. Naomi Klein
  40. Frank Zappa
  41. Iggy Pop
  42. Thelonious Monk
  43. Harpo Marx
  44. Susan Sontag
  45. Black Elk
  46. Rodney Dangerfield
  47. Christopher Marlowe
  48. Geronimo
  49. Samuel Beckett
  50. Jane Austen
  51. John Keats
  52. Oscar Wilde
  53. Jimi Hendrix
  54. Nicholas Ray
  55. Hank Williams
  56. Billie Holiday
  57. Neil Young

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