In Its Kind of a Funny Story, How is Noele reply related to Craig's question?

Craig: You guys wear uniforms?

Noele: I Knew it.

Noele's reply is completely different from the question he asked.

How to understand her reply?

  • Huh? It's not an answer, it's related to her previous sentence. ["You're not some sort of school uniform perv, are you?" (he asks about the uniform) "...I knew it!" (as in, "you are a perv")]
    – Walt
    Feb 1, 2017 at 12:22

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They're talking about school uniforms and what she imagines to be an unnatural sexual interest in peope who wear them.


NOELLE: I don’t care too much about school.The teachers think I have a problem with authority. Where do you go?

CRAIG: Executive Pre-Professional. You?

NOELLE : Delfin. You’re not some kind of school uniform perv, are you?

CRAIG: You guys wear uniforms?

NOELLE: See, I knew it!

Basically, she's joking with him in that by just asking about school uniforms he is a 'perv'!

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