I know that people often dismiss plot questions in Hitchcock films, saying that Hitchcock didn't care about the plot and neither should we. Still, when I see a celebrated film and don't understand the plot, I do always wonder whether I've simply missed the point.

The assassin kills the real United Nations diplomat with a knife, apparently to precipitate Rogers's arrest for murder. At the auction, Roger deliberately gets picked up by the police to thwart Vandamm, and then tells the police that he's the killer from the United Nations. Why do Leonard and Vandamm sometimes want Roger in police custody, and sometimes not want this?


At various points in the time-line they want Roger to take the fall for the killing, and then they want it to be easier for them to silence him permanently.

  • So when the bad guys killed the diplomat, they wanted Roger in police custody; at the auction, they did not want Roger in police custody. What changed between the two moments, to change their interests? (Perhaps it's dirty pool to keep tagging onto the question like this; but once we see the police bring Roger to meet the Professor at the airport, doesn't it seem silly that the bad guys ever wanted Roger in police custody?) – Chaim Oct 31 '17 at 22:41

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