It's actually been quite long since I saw this movie, probably around 10 years or so. I saw it in German TV, which means it was at least 2 years old when it aired. Production country is presumably the US.

Here's what I remember about the movie:

  • A woman was abducted and kept in the attic of a wooden house (a farm maybe?).
  • She had a broken phone (rotary dial?) which she used to call someone for help.
  • The man she reached didn't know the woman.
  • In one scene, his phone battery was almost dead so he went into a store and stole a car charger (he stole it because it would have taken too long to wait in line).
  • Pretty sure the woman emphasized that this was the only call she could make.
  • I think there was something about the woman's son as well, but I'm not sure about that.

That's about all I know, I hope you can work with what I provided.

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Kim Basinger is the kidnapped woman and Jason Statham is one of the kidnappers.



Jessica Martin (Kim Basinger), a high school biology teacher, takes her son Ricky to his bus stop for school. After she returns home, several men break into her house, kill her housekeeper, and confine Jessica in the attic of their safe house. Ethan Greer (Jason Statham), the group leader, smashes the attic's telephone. Jessica uses the wires of the broken phone and randomly dials a number. She reaches the cell phone of Ryan Ackerman (Chris Evans), a carefree young man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, Chloe (Jessica Biel).

Full movie is on Youtube here:

At 0:31:35 Chris Evans storms into a store and demands a charger.

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