What was the criteria for selection of cast with such variety in the TV show Louie?

Louie CK's casts Amy Landecker as young Louie’s mom [S01E011, S04E11/12], after already using her a few episodes earlier to play adult Louie’s blind date [Sandra S01E09]. Is there any incoherence in this?

Another actor he places in different unexpected and unrelated roles is F. Murray Abraham who plays as a Swinger, Jonathan, in New Jersey/Airport [S02E13], and then as Uncle Excelsior in Dad [S03E08], and later on as his Dad in In the Woods: Part 2 [S04E12].

He also casts David Lynch but to play an acting part, instead of directing...

What is the inspiration?

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In Louie CK's words:

This show doesn’t really function as a series. I don’t think of it that way. I use what I need to tell each story.

In the same source the writer notes in the same site [UPPROX news] that:

CK and FX have referred to this show as a collection of short films before.


The choice of Lynch is almost certainly a commentary on the conventional talk show format. (Lynch is most known for making films about nightmarish situations.) I don't know if CK has commented on conventional talk shows, but he has expressed his dislike of conventional sitcom formats...

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