I'm trying to recall a 1980's French comedy that I can't remember the name of. There are a couple of sub-plots in there:

  • A husband and wife who fake their daughter's kidnapping and a clueless police inspector investigating the "crime"
  • A woman whose hands were injured by one of the protagonists and he needs to take care of her
  • A person who is so shy that he can't be photographed - but progresses gradually to where his outline is captured on film etc.
  • One of the other protagonists is an "artistic" sex-obsessed person, who films ludicrous sexual encounters with his partners.

This is the plot of Zig Zag Story from 1983.

The lives of three Parisians - a color-blind painter, a radio show host and a perverted photographer - intertwine and go hilariously out of control. A classic cult comedy from the 80's.

Every single thing you mentioned is there; also memorable were its chain-reaction opening titles:

  • No problem. :) I like Rube Goldberg machines, so I remember that one. (For similarly bizarre opening credits, see Superman III.) – Walt Dec 27 '16 at 1:01

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