I saw a noir-ish movie a while ago, probably made in 2000 or later, that involved a romance/partnership between a deaf woman and a man.

One of them (I think the woman) worked in a bar. The woman was able to read lips, which enabled her to spy on and steal money from a criminal who was storing money in an apartment. One of the scenes took place on a rooftop overlooking the criminal's room.

I'm pretty sure the movie was in French, and I had the feeling it was from Quebec rather than France or any other French-speaking country.

I had no luck searching for the movie using keywords such as "read lips", "bar", "criminal". Any ideas as to the title of the movie?

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Your description sounds like the film Sur mes lèvres (titled Read My Lips in English). The film was made in France and released in 2001. The plot involves the a nearly deaf woman, Carla (portrayed by Emmanuelle Devos), who participates in the robbery of a night-club owner. As described in Wikipedia:

Paul convinces her to help him – by using her lip-reading skills – to rob Marchand, a nightclub owner to whom he owes a lot of money and for whom he is working at night to pay off the debt.

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