In the First Avenger, when Capt storms the base and frees the captured part of the 107th Regiment, the Red Skull sets the auto-destruct for the base. This causes Dr. Zola to scramble to grab some paperwork before running. One of the things he grabs is this blueprint. What is this blueprint of?

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It seems to be a blueprint to his Robot Body.

In the comics (Wikia)

Needing funds to continue his research, Arnim Zola presented his first invention, the creation of device that would transfer someone's essence to a cloned body, to Adolf Hitler, who agreed to become his patron. This device and partnership allowed Hitler to survive World War II as the Hate-Monger. Zola also used it on himself, not only allowing him to survive into modern times but to also replace his normally frail body with a stronger, android one. This robot body allowed bipedal movement and projected an image of his original face on a screen located on it's chest.

In the movies...

Arnim Zola continued to work for the Allies, eventually becoming part of S.H.I.E.L.D. upon the organization's formation. After receiving a "terminal diagnosis" in 1972, Zola found a way to preserve his brain patterns via computer tape, and transcended death as an artificial intelligence. In the present day, Captain America and Black Widow discovered the secret complex within a bunker at Camp Lehigh where the computers containing Zola are kept, and learned from him that Hydra still existed as a conspiracy with a major branch within S.H.I.E.L.D.

So we might see this Robot Body yet!

enter image description here

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