I watched it in 2010. It's in English. Possibly Hollywood movie.


A group of people exploring an abandoned city. They're looking for a person. While exploring the city, they encounter many of strange creature. I remember they fight a ape-like creature, giant aquatic snake, giant bat, dino-like creature and many more. There are also man eater plants.

The group searching from building to building. The protagonist meet a botanist and talking about the whereabout of the person they're looking for.


A Sound of Thunder

Detailed plot on Wikipedia here.

"Ryer and Rand lead a group through the city - now filled with evolved and deadly Baboonlizards and other new hazards that kill some of their party members - to find Eckels and Middleton. Eckels is safe but asserts he remained on the path, while Middeleton, poisoned by the new wildlife, takes his life before they can stop him. However, they are able to find a dead butterfly on the sole of the suit he used for the safari. The party make it back to Time Safari after more time waves hit, now finding the time machine partially underwater and unusable. Rand obtains the hard drive containing the TAMI software with plans to use it with the nearby university's particle accelerator as a substitute time machine.

Ryer and Rand are the only two survivors once they finally make it to the university, Rand noting that the appearance of simian-like Babboonlizards from the latest time wave means the next one will wipe away humanity. Rand prepares the accelerator and stays behind while Ryer goes through the time portal, just as the last time wave hits turning Rand into a humanoid catfish-like creature. Ryer catches up to the previous expedition, catches Middleton to prevent him stepping on the butterfly, tells Jenny the bio-filter is off at the same time asking her to give his earlier self a recording of the events he has witnessed. The expedition returns without incident to the future they had left. Ryer shares the footage with Rand."

Here is a collection of the various creatures in the movie:

In the clip above, at 2:58 fight with the ape-like creature (baboonlizard), at 6:13 the giant aquatic snake, at 4:57 the giant bats, etc.

Ape-like creature (baboonlizard):

enter image description here

Aquatic snake:

enter image description here

Giant bat:

enter image description here


enter image description here

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