I remember seeing a live action TV mini series on American TV between 2001 and 2007ish. It may have been on the Sci-Fi channel, but I am unsure. I know for a fact it wasn't on any premium channels, such as HBO, Showtime, etc. It only ran for 3-6 episodes, so it was definitely a mini-series. The show takes place in America.

In the show, there are two main characters, a protagonist and an antagonist. The protagonist is played by someone that looks very similar to Billy Zane, but I am unable to find this in Bill Zane's imdb list. I believe the antagonist may have been Asian, but I am unsure. I believe these two have been fighting for a long time, and use magical means to attack each other.

In the show, the protagonist ends up finding 3-4 Americans (2-3 men and at least one woman) that end up with special abilities to control different elements. One was definitely water, I think another was fire. These was a training montage with all of them and the water guy was soaked head to toe. I think one of them may have been punching light bulbs.

At one point in the series, the bad guy psychically attacks the good guy's students, and I think one of them may have died.

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"The Shadow Men are immortal beings of darkness and destruction. One such Shadow Man, Os (Zane), is confronted by the White Warrior, a being of light, and given the chance to change his ways or die. After the White Warrior bests Os in combat, she opens his heart to the power of love, and charges him to find the warriors who are the representation of the five elements and will save the world from the threat of the Shadow Men and their leader, Slate."

It was made in 2001, it has Billy Zane, good vs. evil, there is an Asian guy in it and people controlling the elements. According to IMDb, it is a TV movie, so maybe it was aired as a 2-part mini-series.

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