The Brady Bunch first aired in the USA in 1969. It featured a widow and a widower merging their families after marrying each other.

Was this the first depiction of a blended family (parents and children) on television?

Roommate situations, like Three's Company or The Odd Couple, wouldn't be considered blended families since there aren't children involved.

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    Do you mean "the first blended family on TV in the United States" or anywhere in the world?
    – isanae
    Dec 3, 2016 at 20:37

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No. Although Brady was widely known as the first example (even Florence Henderson called it that), The Danny Thomas Show (AKA Make Room For Daddy) already featured a blended family in 1957, and was probably the very first one to do it on American TV.

Originally a show about a married couple called Danny and Margaret (Danny Thomas & Jean Hagen) with 2 children, the storyline had to change when Hagen left the show in season 4. So her character was killed off and soon replaced with that of Kathy (Marjorie Lord), a young widow with a daughter; Danny eventually married Kathy and adopted her daughter in season 5, which aired on CBS in 1957.

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