Why did Mr. J and Harley jump into the chemical bath in Suicide Squad?


My interpretation is that this was the moment J knew he loved Harley, whereas before it would have been Harley that had to "pass every test" to prove her love for J, this scene shows us that now J is being tested by Harley to prove his love for her.

J: Would you die for me?

Harley: Yes

J: That's too easy, would you live for me?


Harley, then J, dive into a chemical bath

Full Scene on Youtube

enter image description here

EDIT: Possible duplicate. I did try and find it before asking, maybe not hard enough, I think it is because I couldn't find a better search query for "chemical bath", hence the lengthy title of my question to prevent future duplications:

The acid scene in "Suicide Squad"

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Harley was pushed, she didn't jump. She felt a Stokholm Syndrome type of "love" after a sociopath like Joker carefully made her fall for him. Also, he forced her to go through electroshock therapy. She was pushed through being manipulated. In the source comics, she was literally pushed.

Joker, in this interpretation jumped in against his own judgement, as yes, he starts having some perverted form of love for her. This can be seen by the shaking of his head and the face he makes while he walks away and decides to jump in to save her. He's conflicted. He really had intended to just walk away and let her drown.

The movie was heavily edited to lessen the abusive, rapey relationship between Joker and Harley. In the source material, Joker never loved Harley, she was just a convenient tool to him, just like anyone else.

To wit, one major edit in the film was Harley chasing Joker, essentially forcing him to take her with him.


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