In final episode of The Walking Dead season 4 a big disgusting fat guy TRIES to rape Carl. We can hear the buckle of the guy and all, but we don't see him actually doing movements. So I'm a little confused regarding what happened. Please explain.


I just re-watched the scene in question to refresh my memory. (Warning: Graphic content discussion follows)

It's true the fat man (whose name was Dan, apparently) was trying to rape Carl, but he never got far enough to begin the actual act. We hear the sound of Dan undoing his belt buckle, but there's no indication he had time to pull his pants down, and Carl remained fully clothed for the entire scene. Not even a ripped sleeve. The camera is moving around a lot, but my sense of the scene is that there wasn't enough time for anything to have actually happened.

When the tables turned and Rick came to Carl's rescue, Dan was up on his feet in seconds, backing away with both hands raised. There aren't a lot of shots below the waist in this struggle, but if Dan's pants were actually down, he would've been holding them up with at least one hand.

  • Yes that's what I thought ! Thanks :) – Sami Nov 15 '16 at 3:57

He definitely wasn't raped, but I do think he was being molested. The sounds you hear Carl make defiantly give the impression the attacker is doing something to him. And given the amount of time the attack is going on the man would've had ample time to overpower him. Plus Carl looks to be in pain and distress beyond just struggling.

As for the belt buckle it was most likely Carl's. In the comics his attackers pull his pants off so it could be that was the intent here as the shows creators have said they originally filmed the scene to be more inline with the comics.

So no he wasn't raped, in all likelihood he was sexually assaulted in some manner though.

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