13 minutes into Eurotrip (2004), when it cuts to the next day, there is a 4 second clip of a boy riding past a house on his bike and throwing in a newspaper.

Screenshot from Eurotrip

The music video for Katy Perry's Last Friday Night (2011) starts of with a 20 second clip, of a boy riding down the street and throwing a newspaper at every house. The last house he passees is the exact same as the clip from Eurotrip.

Screenshot from Last Friday Night

How did this end up happening? Did they get permission to use it in the music video? Did some of the same people work on both? Or is it some kind of stock footage used even more places? And is this kind of practice common?


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It's quite common for clips from movies and TV shows to be reused for budgetary reasons. It's cheaper than filming new footage that would be more-or-less identical, particularly if some kind of special effect is involved. Some good (and surprising) examples here.

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