The movie "The Shining" is a psychological horror, in genre. So there should not be any supernatural activity going on in the film.

In one scene towards the climax, Jack was locked in the store room by his wife and the door of the store room was locked from outside. While he was talking with Grady, after their conversation, the door was unlocked and let Jack flee from the store room. The question is who opened the door? There were only three people at the hotel including Jack, his wife and son. Since there is no ghostly activity shown in the movie (except for some hallucinations), what is the most probable description of it?

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    Several supernatural elements are clearly evident in this film. – Walt Oct 30 '16 at 15:36

I'm not sure your premise "there should not be any supernatural activity going on in the film" is correct.

Why couldn't it have been a ghost who opened the door? There are several other examples of supernatural activity in the film, such as:

  • Danny's and Halloran's ability to communicate via "shining"

  • Danny's visions of the murdered girls, which he had no way of knowing about

  • Wendy's sighting of the man in the bear costume and his tuxedoed friend

  • Jack's appearance in the photo in the film's closing shot

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    Danny was also physically attacked by whatever he saw in room 237, so the ghosts are probably able to open a door. – Walt Oct 30 '16 at 15:42
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    ^ The Shining by Stephen King doesn't even have this ambiguity, The whole damn building is alive. There are so many ghosts a firehose tries to strangle Danny. – Dannie Oct 30 '16 at 17:42

One theory which is strongly supported by the visuals in the film is that there's a hidden secondary door to the storage room. It's behind the shelf with Calumet cans.

In the scene where Doc is giving them a tour of the storage room you can clearly see that before they enter the store room they turn around a corner - with another door leading into which could only possibly be the same storage room.

The storage room probably had 2 entries originally, but when they needed more space they just put up a shelf covering one of the doors.

After Jack gets some sleep next to this shelf, he finds the second door and discovers that it can be opened from the inside.

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