In Spring Breakers (2012), I know this movie contains a lot of women in bikinis & nudity.

But I was shocked to see girls in bikinis even in court. It looks like the judge's decision will be disturbed when he see girls in bikinis.

enter image description here

Why can't they even provide proper uniforms for them?


In real life, cops are #####, and won't be bothered to provide people anything. One recent instance had a judge go off on the prosecution and police for denying a woman pants when she was put in jail.

In this specific instance, the girls happen to be in a resort town, and given a same day adjournment. They weren't put in jail, just in holding. No time or need to change.

As for the judge, they are expected to remain professional, and in a resort town like that, would see the same thing day after day. In and out of court. It's nothing shocking or special. It would depend on the judge to require a dress code, and in many high volume courts it's very lenient.

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