Are there actors in the Arrowverse who have previously played DC Comics characters?

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Yes, there's lots!

Amanda Pays

Dr. Christina "Tina" McGee in both the the 1990 version of The Flash

Dr. Tina McGee, The Flash 1990

…and the 2014 The Flash series

Dr. Tina McGee, The Flash 2014

It's fun seeing her interested in Henry Allen, since her character and John Wesley Shipp's character had romantic feelings in the 1990s show.

Alex Désert

Julio Mendez, Barry Allen's coworker and close friend, in the 1990 The Flash TV series.

Julio Mendez, The Flash 1990

And Captain Julio Mendez in the "Flashpoint" timeline of the 2014 The Flash:

Captain Julio Mendez, The Flash 2014

Brandon Routh

Superman in Superman Returns

Superman in Superman Returns

And Ray Palmer (The Atom) in Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

Ray Palmer, Arrow and Legends of TomorrowThe Atom, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow

Clancy Brown

The voice of Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series and the rest of the DC animated universe (as well as other voice roles)

Clancy Brown voicing Lex Luthor

And General Wade Eiling in the 2014 The Flash

General Wade Eiling, The Flash

John Wesley Shipp

The Flash himself in the 1990 The Flash series.

The Flash 1990

And Barry Allen's father, Henry Allen, in the 2014 The Flash, as well as Earth-3 Jay Garrick

Henry Allen, The Flash 2014 Earth 3 Jay Garrick, The Flash 2014

Mark Hamill

As the voice of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series

Mark Hamill as the Joker, Batman the Animated Series

And as the Trickster in the 2014 The Flash

The Trickster, The Flash 2014

In his first episode, he also dramatically tells another guest character "I am your father!"

Neal McDonough

Voiced Oliver Queen in DC Showcase: Green Arrow, then fought against him as Damien Dahrk in Arrow

Damien Dahrk, Arrow

He has also done video game voice work as Barry Allen/The Flash in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Floyd Lawton/Deadshot in Batman: Assault on Arkham.

Tara Strong

As the voice of Harley Quinn in many Batman-related media:

Tara Strong voicing Harley Quinn

She has a one-line voiceover role as Harley Quinn in Arrow

Harley Quinn, Arrow

"Do you cuties need some counseling? I'm a trained therapist."

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  • Great answer, Mark Hamel was also the Trickster in the 90's Flash. Then there is Laura Vandermoot (?) who was Supergirl on Smallville and a Brainiac type villain on Supergirl. Plus Dean Caine and Helen Slater who played Superman and Supergirl in previous roles and are now Supergirls adoptive parents.
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  • @Thunderforge Well, Flash does cross over to her world in Supergirl season 1 and I hear there will be a Flash/Arrow/Legends/Supergirl 4 way crossover this year but yeah, it is the most loosely connected one for sure.
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