In the episode Den kino Masha and the Bear decide to film a movie, but can't agree on what movie to film; they show a few scenes inspired by well-known movies, then as the pace picks up the episode only plays some movies' soundtracks.

Which movies are those?

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I am not certain about all movies, thus I will post this as a community wiki and hope the remaining gaps will be filled. I think, they did not play the exact soundtracks, but rather similar music that references the originals.

I used this video to roughly note the times.

Here is my attempt:

  • [2:25] ? - The music style is clearly like in a silent film, but I am not sure, whether it belongs to a specific film, or just the genre.
  • [3:25] [Forrest Gump]2
  • [3:45] [Zorro]3 (the film or one of the series?)
  • [3:55] [Titanic]4 (the 1997 version)
  • [4:22] [Snow White]5 (probably the Disney version from 1937)
  • [4:45] [King Kong]6 (probably the 1933 version)
  • [5:05] [Avatar]7
  • [5:30] [Star Wars]8 (yeah well, just pick one ;) )
  • [5:40] [Mission Impossible]9
  • [5:45] ? some Russian film with regional background ?
  • [6:08] Same music as Masha And The Bear's First Episode 11, hence their telling their own story

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