What is the roundish object given to Philippe by Papa Rudy in The Walk (2015)? It appears to bear some resemblance to a tape measure.

And what is the significance of the scene near the end when Jeff shows he has the object in question in his pocket?


It was Papa Rudy grandfather's ANTIQUE LEATHER TAPE MEASURE.

Emotion almost overtaking Papa Rudy, he digs into a nearby desk drawer and gently removes an ANTIQUE LEATHER TAPE MEASURE -- hand-stitched, circa 1900's.

PAPA RUDY: "It was my grandfather's. You'll need this."

Petit gently holds the beautiful tape measure as if it was made of glass.

Petit gave it to Jeff when he need to measure where to place cavallettis.

PETIT: "Here, lay this out. We need to measure where to place the cavallettis."


PETIT: "Use this. But whatever you do..."

Jeff stops him.

JEFF: "I guard with life..."

Petit smiles as Jeff runs out the tape out alongside the clothesline...

  • So I wasn't seeing things after all, thank you! – gandalf3 Feb 7 at 2:13
  • @gandalf3 me too. so yesterday I searched for an answer on web, found the movie script and share it on stackexchange! :) – tezzo Feb 7 at 7:42

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