At the start of the movie The Mermaid (Chinese Wikipedia version), there's a animal that's supposed to be some exotic creature, but a member of the crowd visiting the museum points out that it's got a dog tag on saying that it's called "Lucky".

It looked like it was a Tasmanian Tiger (Chinese Wikipedia version), but I couldn't tell, because the movie wasn't subtitled into English on the flight I was on. Trying to Google the movie's name plus Tasmanian Tiger didn't immediately get any relevant results.

The Tasmanian Tiger is one of the most famous extinct species in Australia - it's used as a symbol of Tasmania, and nowadays there are cryptozoologists still on the search for these creatures, just like people in other countries search for Bigfoot. However, I haven't noticed any interest in the creature outside of Australia. Was the fake animal at the start of "The Mermaid" supposed to be a Tasmanian Tiger?

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