In Elementary S04E23 the following happens:

Sherlock wonders if Moriarty tried to kill his dad to get back at him. Marcus calls and says they nabbed Krasnov. He tries to tell them he speaks no English. Gregson says he spoke just fine to the clerk at the hardware store.

Sherlock asks if he thinks they’re fools. He answers in Russian and Sherlock rattles back in Russian and says they can talk in any language you like. He says he did not set off a bomb, he’s a tourist. [Source]

Can anyone confirm what Sherlock and Krasnov are saying? The conversation is in Russian but not subtitled.

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I speak Russian a little and I was hoping that I would be able to translate it. Your source didn't work for me, so I found a different one and in this version the conversation is subtitled.

Krasnov's quotes Fyodor Dostoyevsky's short story Bobok: From Somebody's Diary

Всех умней, по-моему, тот, кто хоть раз в месяц самого себя дураком назовет (...)

In the translation of this short story it is translated to:

The wisest of all, in my opinion, is he who can, if only once a month, call himself a fool (...)

The translation from subtitles is:

The cleverest of all is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month.

which is a translation of what Krasnov actually said, so it wasn't a direct quote, but a paraphrase.

Sherlock replies with a quote from Cicero:

It is the peculiar quality of a fool to perceive the faults of others and to forget his own.

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  • считает, а не назовет. Krasnov's Russian is perfect, but it's impossible for me to understand what is Sherlock saying (and I'm a native speaker), I have even assumed that it might be Ukranian – arkhy Dec 5 '18 at 18:30

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