People who love movies always have a set of both the best and the worst movies they've ever seen. For me, I'm pretty sure this is the worst of the worst I've seen, but I really can't remember it's name, and can't find information about it. I hope you can help me out, because knowing which is your top-worst is valuable information ;)

What I remember is this:

  • The movie was shot in first-person.
  • The main character had some sort of mental disorder, and was taking treatment for it at a clinic.
  • Every morning the main character writes down the current hour she wakes up.
  • The main character falls in love with the receptionist of the clinic and kidnaps her.
  • The police/detective who takes the case befriends or falls in love too with the recepcionist girl (can't remember if they knew each other before the kidnapping).
  • When the girl is rescued the main character manages to escape.
  • After the girl is rescued, the main character attacks her in the hospital where she's recovering for her wounds. The police/detective manages to rescue her again and shots and hurts the main character, but she manages to escape again.
  • The "big shocking" plot twist at the end of the movie is that the main character is a woman (there's no clue about her gender in the rest of the movie).

I'm pretty sure it was an american movie. I watched it around 2002 ~ 2003, and it still was in VHS format. The title in spanish is something like "Alucinaciones" (hallucinations) but I think the original title in english had little to do with this word.

I hope this is enough information; ask if you want to know more about it but this is pretty much all I can remember.

  • Great question, but unfortunately all I can think of is that notorious Prodigy music video.
    – Walt
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I'm almost certain you're looking for Alone (2002)

enter image description here

You've described the movie well, and I remember all the details you've provided.

It's shot in first person, much of it narrated by the killer, and it's a pretty awful movie and I would have happily forgotten all about it, if it hadn't been for an extremely disturbing murderscene that involves force feeding.

The killer is indeed a woman who is seeing a therapist and most importantly she carefully notes the time she wakes every morning.

Here's a trailer.

  • Seems like it. I think I can recall some scenes that appear in the trailer. I'll look for it and accept the answer once confirmed. Thanks!
    – Josh Part
    Commented Oct 24, 2016 at 20:45

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